100% Humane & Permanent Raccoon Removal

Raccoon in crawlspaceRaccoons move into your home or property? Animal Pros can remove your raccoons promptly and affordably. Our humane solutions effectively remove raccoons while our restoration / repair team can repair any damaged caused by the raccoons and address any contamination or nesting left behind. Raccoon removal and control can prove difficult if not handled by a professional. Failed attempts to catch a raccoon by a homeowner will cause a raccoon to become "trap shy" or stay away from the traps. Let our professionals at Animal Pros remove your raccoons humanely.

Animal Pros offers raccoon removal to the Nashville, Tn area wide. Call our experts today for prompt, affordable raccoon control service.

Raccoon Facts: Mating occurs as early as January to as late as July. After a 65 day gestation period, 2-5 kits are born. Kits remain in the den until seven weeks.

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