Raccoon Insurance

Raccoon damage in attic Raccoon Insurance: Animal Pros raccoon removal operates in Nashville, Tn, and works hand in hand with all insurance providers for raccoon damage and repair. There are several things most companies will try to exclude, that they normally cover. Our knowledgeable staff at Animal Pros, is on your side, looking out for you the homeowner, and can ensure you are treated fairly by your provider.

Contact us today for your raccoon problems, and let our friendly staff help you: 800-668-9074.

Service Providers We Work With -

  • Allstate: 800-255-7828
  • Auto Owners: 888-252-4226
  • Farmers: 800-435-7764
  • Nationwide: 877-669-6877
  • The Hartford: 800-243-5860
  • State Farm: 877-459-2347
  • Liberty Mutual: 866-219-7100
  • Farm Bureau: 800-836-6327

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